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With us, you get to enjoy some of the best dishes from New Zealand to help show you the cultural side of this beautiful place. We will make sure that you have access to gourmet food anytime, anywhere.
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When you are in a new country, it is your responsibility to make sure that you get to enjoy the traditional food of the place. This will give you insights into the lives of the people living in the beautiful land of New Zealand. Join us, and we can bring you the best dished served to the table to help you enjoy your stay here.

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We have access to some of the best choices of ingredients from vegetables to the meats getting it to you straight from the farms.

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Fresh produce can make everything tasty, and we want to provide you with the most vibrant looking fruit and vegetables from the land.

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New Zealand cuisine is based on fresh produce and organic eating habits which has allowed people to enjoy the cuisines.



The food is amazing the ambience they provide is beautiful; it helped me relax and bring about a sense of peace. Everyday Gourmet is an amazing place; I would highly recommend it.
Debi J. Guzman
The food was exceptional and had the best presentation. The food seemed to have a dramatic appeal to them which makes everything more delicious.
Cora C. Mack
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Skycity Casino New Zealand Restaurants: Enjoy Your Stay

Skycity Casino in Auckland is one of the premier destinations you’ll definitely want to visit if you enjoy trying your luck on pokies or at the gaming tables. Recently, Skycity has even launched the online version of their casino, giving players a chance to enjoy their favorite games remotely as well.

But Auckland’s Skycity is about much more than just gambling. This is a place that offers everything you need to relax and spend a great and memorable day, which includes the ability to enjoy great food. Inside the venue, there are several excellent restaurants catering to all sorts of tastes so feel free to take your pick.

The Grill

If you’re looking to enjoy uncomplicated foods with proper New Zealand flavor, make sure to pay The Grill a visit. The name of this restaurant is indicative enough as to what you can expect to find on the menu. Grilled meats of all sorts and for every palate are readily available, coupled with a long list of fine wines to complete the experience.

If you find The Grill to be too fancy for you but would still like to enjoy a nicely grilled piece of meat, check out Andy’s Burger and Bar. Grab yourself a simple but delicious burgers and some fries, have a nice, cold beer, and enjoy the atmosphere. If you need further info, we recommend reading this review of Sky City Online Casino.

Eastern Flavors: Huami & MASU

If you enjoy foods prepared in the traditional robata style, you’ll definitely want to check out what MASU has to offer. Experience a different approach to the traditional Japanese cuisine at the very heart of Auckland and treat your palate.

Huami is a similar place but they offer traditional Chinese dishes with a modern twist instead. You’ll find a very attractive menu, featuring dishes such as dim sum, Pecking duck, and more. Of course, to round up your dining experience, there is an extensive list of wines, cognacs, and whiskeys.

Fortuna Buffet Restaurant

Do you prefer to have more options and eat as much as you feel like? Then check out Fortuna Buffet Restaurant. With a rich menu featuring various dishes, salads, and tasty desserts, you’ll be spoilt for choice here at a very reasonable price.

The bar restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and it’s an excellent choice for family with children as younger kids get to eat at a big discount. The menu is subject to constant changes so there is no telling what you can find on any given day but whatever it is, you can count with all of it being very delicious and of the highest quality.

Sky Café

Enjoy your meal together with a perfect view of the city from 182 meters above the ground. Sky Café offers a unique Auckland experience that you shouldn’t miss out on. The place is famous for its various cheese boards and nice wines so if you enjoy a nice slice of cheese, you’ll enjoy every moment spent here.


There are several more restaurants you’ll find inside Skycity Casino, such as Belotta, Gusto, The Sugar Club, and Federal Delicatessen. Every single one of these places has something unique to offer and if you enjoy good food and have enough time and money, all of them are worth checking out. We suggest you start with the ones reviewed here and go from there!

Top 10 fine dining restaurants in New Zealand

restaurants in New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful country that is filled with thousands of tourist places, beaches and sceneries. The country is not only famous for its tourist destinations and chocolates, but also for their culinary wonders. New Zealand is an island country that is home to varieties of cuisines from all over the world. From the plating to the taste of the dish, the country has mastered the art of culinary skills. From bistros to fine dining restaurants, New Zealand has it all for you. Let’s check out the top 10 fine dining restaurants that you ought to visit the next time you’re visiting the country.

Paris Butter – Innovation with French food

This famous French restaurant is located in Auckland, New Zealand. The innovative ides by the French chef Nick Honeyman is beautifully crafted and plated on your table. The restaurant is themed around French delicacies, with the infusion of local ingredients. The place is elegant and serves local wines, Home-made cocktails and many more beverages. It is also famous for serving the best coffee in town, with a croissant. The cost is INR 2100-4500 for two people. However, the timings of this place is slightly different from the others, make sure to check before visiting.

Racket bar, Britomart

Britomart is a transport hub in Auckland, New Zealand and has become a night-time destination from the last five year. Racket bar is an excellent dining restaurant that serves all kinds of alcohol from around the world. The place does not fail to catch the by-passers eye amidst the dark alley. With a chic atmosphere and a homely ambience, it is the best suited for night time parties and hangouts.

 Kazuya, Auckland

Kazuya, Auckland

Number three on our list is Kazuya that is popular for their fusion foods. An amalgam of the European and Japanese food, with octopus and duck delicacies, salmon and over 30 different varieties of vegetables attracts thousands of customers daily. The average cost for two is INR 3691-6546.

One Tree Grill, Auckland

Are you tired of fusion and international foods? The One tree grill serves you he best native foods of New Zealand. With local furniture and a cosy ambience, this place is a soothing soul-driven experience for all the localities as well as foreigners. They use fresh ingredient to prepare food from scratch. Their Pork belly, Eye fillet and Scallops are a must-try. The place is reasonably priced between INR 1184-2716. On weekdays they’re open post 5:30 pm and weekends from 11:30 pm, with Sunday being an off.

Elephant Hill Winery & Restaurant, Haumoana, New Zealand

Elephant Hill Winery & Restaurant, Haumoana, New Zealand

this restaurant offers a breath-taking view from their destination. With the best world-class wines and classic European cuisine, they provide a marvellous ambience and taste that attracts customers from all over the world. The ambience also consists of activities like wine tasting, lodging and sightseeing. Although a bit pricey, the stay and dining feels like paradise on earth.

The Shed te Motu, Auckland

It is considered as one of the must-visit places in New Zealand. The ambience is located amidst the fresh farms and wine yards. They provide an experience of sitting at the lap of nature and enjoying your favourite foods. The Shed te Motu features local foods and makes use of locally grown, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to cook a delicious meal for their customers. The wine tasting activity also helps the restaurant stand out from the others. Their Chicken parfait, Eel and with beetroot nudi and Lamb shoulder are a must-try. The price is reasonable on the pockets and costs INR  627-1671 for two.

Curry Heaven, Wellington

Curry Heaven

Are you an Indian visitor who misses the taste of curry and Indian food on your palates? Then worry not, because New Zealand is also home to great Indian restaurants. Curry Heaven is among them that specializes in authentic Indian food. The restaurant has won awards for their taste, ambience and customer service, so there is no doubt in their diligence to serving people. Most authentic Indian food like curries, naan, lassi and varieties of meat are served in this place. The aura and ambience are top-notch and even better than restaurants in India. Their most recommended dishes are palak paneer and butter chicken. They cost INR 2571-3100 for two people and open for lunch, evening snacks and dinner.

Twenty Seven Step, Christchurch Central

It is a cosy, fine dining and eatery that is home for a variety of local dishes in the country. Although it is not considered as one of the top-notch fine dining restaurants in the country, their service and quality of food can put any restaurants in fierce competitions. They serve authentic countryside foods, with ‘fish of the day’ being their signature dish and attraction to customers. Their Leek and cauliflower soup and v are the most recommended items of the menu. The average cost for two is INR 1960-2730 and are open from late at 5 pm, till midnight.

The Thistle Inn, Wellington

The Thistle Inn

It is a perfect place for dining, which follows a contemporary style of decor, ambience, and even the food served. They serve dishes like pudding, lamb delicacies and even the classic bread and butter. One of the best features of their customer satisfaction is the free meals offered on your birthdays. It goes easy on the pockets with INR 766-1600, the average for two. The restaurant is open half days, from 10 am to 1 pm, except on Sunday’s.

Logan Brown, Wellington

This restaurant is considered as one of the best places among all restaurants that serve native food in New Zealand. The incredibly cosy atmosphere and the best flare for native cooking is an option no one can rule out. A small party or a chit chat with your friends, or a fancy date, this place serves all purposes. Their Panna cotta and Black lime feijoa oysters are the most recommended on the menu, with the average cost being INR 1184-6964 for two.